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(A) We have adequate inventory to ensure supply.

Based on warehouse sales model,Sino-ocean company has been in operation for more than 20 years,which has rich reserves of spare parts, fast supply limitation to win customers at home and abroad extensive reputation! Now Sino-ocean company has become one of the largest most comprehensive spare parts storage center!

(B) Our company has reliable sources,and sales with high quality and low price.

Our company maintain close relations of cooperation with relevant firms,to ensure the reliability of the supply, the stability quality and rationality price.

(C)We have a efficient team to make supply accurately.
The company was founded for more than twenty years, accumulated a variety of models different versions of the book of spare parts, to ensure accurate delivery.And we are the first who introduced advanced management system,to make the quotation more accurately and efficiently.

(D) We have mature technology and perfect after service.

Sino-Ocean Marine has a strong technician team which comprises of senior marine engineers with the reliable ability of technical support and after-sales services.