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Qinhuangdao Ideal Marine Engineering & Machinery Co., Ltd underlies to Sino-Ocean Marine is equipped with international advanced equipments and provides various recondition services for marine spare parts according to world first-rate manufacturing process. It can offer following services:

1. Reconditioning cast steel & Al. piston, Renovating ring grooves rapidly and high efficiently; 
2.Repairing & reconditioning Cylinder covers and exchanging firebox.
3. Reconditioning exhaust valve spindle & seats. The materials include STL alloy & NIMONIC.
4.Reconditioning big-end shaft hole of connecting rod, engine frame, bearing hole.
5.As an agent of recondition for crankshaft, fuel pump & nozzle.
6.Professional piston rod recondition working and genuine stuffing box parts from SWITZERLAND are available.

This work not only can extend the engine's life but also can reducing the equipment maintenance cost.