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Ship-repairing dept. under lead to Sino-Ocean marine is specialized in ship repairmen and maintenance home and abroad. Based on professional & experienced engineers with excellent abilities, we could be able to provide various annual overhauling and voyage repairing on sea ports in China. All business such as hull job, engine room job, repair and inspection, equipment installation and spare parts supplying etc. will be completed with good quality on time. We serve you in accordance with your requirement wherever and wherever upon the guidelines"Sincerity, Safety, Quality & Efficiency".

1.Voyage Repairing: We can providing many kinds of repairmen on the seaports in China, such as hull repairing; engine room repairing etc.

2.Engine Room project:

1)Mainly including: Maintenance and Repairing of main/auxiliary engine, air compressor, turbocharger, boiler, crane, anchor windlass, winch, marine steering gear, oil purifier, refrigeration machinery, heat-ex-changer and all kinds of pumps, valve & pipeline System.
2)Turbocharger Repairing:is one of our advantaged points which covering specially in the ranges as bellows,

A: Common inspection, repairing and cleanness of engine set;
B: Reconditioning turbine blade & rotor shaft;
C: Test for dynamic balance;
 D: Inlet/ourlet casing reconditioning, providing test report of ultrasonic thickness inspection.

3.Navigation system

1) Installation and commissioning of marine contact guide system including Radar, Sounder, Log, Doggone, Communication Equipment, Electromagnetic Compass, etc.;
2) Wireless electronic inspecting services;
3) Navigation equipment repairing;
4) Supplying spare parts for voyage and navigation.

4.Other characteristics:

1) Incinerator, refrigeration machinery, air conditioner, sewage treatment equipment, etc.
2) Hyd. crane repairing & maintaining
3) Hyd. system repairing & reconditioning
4) Anchor & chain replacing & Maintaining;
5) Marine Automation maintaining & repairing.

5.Assist shipowners to reconstruct vessel & replace various marine equipment.